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DJ Kast


Currently based in Green Bay, Wisconsin, my education began in film school at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh. It continued with an internship and eventual permanent position with a high-end photography and video house in Green Bay.


After cutting my teeth as a photo and video assistant for 5 years, learning from and working with the best in the business, I made my own transition to commercial photographer and cinematographer. In 2015 I co-created Shift Visuals; a client focused video production and commercial photography studio in Green Bay, Wisconsin.


I specialize in high-end commercial photography and video, and I believe that a quality product results in a distraction-free and emotionally impactful message for an audience or customer.




Wisconsin Cinematographer Photographer Canon

In addition to a hardworking midwestern attitude, I bring a sense of humor and fun to every set. A light and comfortable set brings out the best in everyone - from actors to clients and business owners, and results in a more genuine product.







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